Find, Monitor and Manage your assets, anytime, anywhere using the latest IoT & 5G technology.

Findaa is a global Internet of Things (IoT) data company using 5G technology, that can monitor and track your assets, equipment, and goods anywhere in the world in real time.

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How Findaa Can Help


Of global supply chains that have experienced disruption during the COVID pandemic 


Average annual growth rate of IOT use in manufacturing over the coming years


Of businesses still track inventory manually or do not track inventory at all


Improvement in healthcare efficiency and productivity using IoT

Making assets, equipment and goods smart with our advanced IoT data platform

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Making Your Workflow Smarter With Findaa

Today's world requires assets, equipment, and goods to be managed more efficiently in order to make sure things are where they're meant to be at the right time. Global supply chains and logistics have been tested like never before during the pandemic and have highlighted structural inefficiencies. In manufacturing workflow efficiency equals better productivity and lower costs. In healthcare the loss of medical equipment can have a profound impact on patient care. If you want to make your supply chains and inventory more efficient then Findaa has a solution.

Findaa is a 5G Enabled solution

Hospital Employees

Customers and Supporters

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Find out how to make your Supply Chains and Logistics  SMARTER and increase efficiency