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About Findaa

Findaa means 'Find and monitor your assets and situations Anywhere Anytime'. Our platform can locate and monitor assets, equipment, and even people, to quantify risks, reduce wastage, and increase efficiency.


We are focused on providing intelligent tracking and monitoring solutions based on our advanced IoT and AI technologies, enabling asset owners, supply chains, and logistics to track and monitor critical assets, in real time. 

Findaa serves multiple sectors in providing valuable location and condition data. We can work with the asset owner or their service providers to provide the data they need. In 2022 we will be introducing Blockchain into our solution.



We have found early success in areas such as healthcare which has a distinct problem with loosing items and in not being able to locate equipment quickly. However we also serve two other key sectors - supply chains, and insurance.

Findaa has unique patent protected solutions and operates at the leading edge of IoT (Internet of Things), AI (artificial intelligence) and soon Blockchain. This has led Findaa to winning two awards - Top Five Supply Chain Management Provider UK, and Top AI Healthcare Provider In Asset Management Solutions.


In 2021 Findaa was invited to join two key  programmes - one led by Telefonica Wayra, and the other led by Digital Catapult. Findaa is backed by SFC Capital.

Meet Our Team​

Leo Meng 


Leo is an experienced IoT ​system engineer and innovator having worked in academic, oil gas, smart city, and Internet of Things (IoT) research and development. He has driven many advanced projects involving technologies such as LPWAN (LoRaWan), Bluetooth, GPS, cellular networks, Zigbee, and IoT security. He has worked in IoT start-ups, innovation centres, and companies such as CENSIS and Aker Solutions. Leo has 3 years PhD experience specialising in Wireless Sensor Networks and a BSc in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from University of Strathclyde.


Simon Rowell

Simon is an experienced business builder in the technology, telco, and data sectors. He was Managing Director of data start-up ASSET4 where he helped raise finance from investors such as Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch private equity, and built the business up before it was eventually acquired by Thomson Reuters. Simon was also Director of Group Strategy & Business Development at Colt Technology Services Plc working for the group Board. He has also advised numerous technology and data businesses. Simon has an MBA from Imperial College, University of London.


Peter Gerber


Over the past 16 years, Peter has worked with hundreds of healthcare organisations, from NHS Wales, NHS Scotland and NHS England and NHSX to acute trusts, community trusts. Peter’s passion is understanding the people behind every healthcare organisation as well as the suppliers into the NHS, what they’re trying to achieve and helping them to achieve it.


Raveena Denis
Digital Manager


Natasha Razmoska
Marketing Manager

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