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Findaa wins 'Best AI-Powered Healthcare Asset Management Platform (UK)' 


Findaa solves two major problems in healthcare, firstly in reducing wastage that is endemic in healthcare globally, and secondly in improving efficiency, especially in hospitals. The company does this by providing automated asset monitoring data solutions so that medical equipment and drugs can be found quickly and easily, without incurring delays or costly manual processes. 


Simon Rowell, Co-Founder of Findaa Technology said ‘We are very grateful to Corporate Vision for awarding us this and in proving that we are at the leading edge of innovation in our field, solving real problems in healthcare. We look forward to building on this success.’ 


Findaa also works with other sectors and markets such as supply chains and insurance, where there are similar problems around asset monitoring. The company plans to imbed Blockchain technology into its solution in 2022 to create even more automation and data security layers. 

The link to our award can be found here: 


If you would like to find out more, please contact Simon Rowell simon.rowell@findaatech.comor go to 

Findaa Technology, 08/02/2022 - Findaa is pleased to announce that it has won Best AI-Powered Healthcare Asset Management Platform (UK) in the Artificial Intelligence Awards 2021 by Corporate Vision. This award is great recognition of Findaa’s efforts in providing innovative solutions to healthcare providers in the UK such as the NHS, and private organisations. 

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