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Watford General Hospital NHS

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LONDON, 23rd November, 2021 - West Hertfordshire NHS Trust is a regional NHS body made up of several hospitals, one of which is Watford General Hospital. Watford General, like most hospitals, tracks and monitors medical equipment using barcodes and scanners. But this has proved an inefficient and time consuming activity, often leading to asset loss.

Watford Hospital therefore turned to Findaa Technology ( who has an advanced IoT (Internet of Things) based asset tracking and monitoring solution. Findaa provides a fully automated system and data platform that involves tagging items, then tracking them automatically in real time, both indoors and outside. The data is then used to optimise asset use, increase efficiencies, reduce risks, and reduce costs.

“We are very much interested in looking further into their (Findaa’s) solution and determine whether it is a suitable option for our Trust”.  -- Nata Zamen, Medical Devices Manager at West Hertfordshire NHS Trust,

“We knew there was a big problem in hospitals and healthcare in general. At a time when budgets are constrained because of the pandemic, and yet demand for equipment and patient services was at an all time high, something was needed to make medical asset tracking and monitoring more efficient.”  -- Simon Rowell, Co-Founder of Findaa

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How it works

The Findaa solution requires several connected IoT receivers placed in strategic points around the hospital, then tagging medical equipment and assets. All the data is then sent to a cloud server and mapped on to a dashboard, highlighting where everything is based on their exact floor plan.


This solution has helped to prevent loss of items and improve efficiencies, thereby positively impacting patient care and providing better budget controls. The platform can also be used outside of hospitals in remote patient care settings, such as community healthcare in patients’ homes and care homes.

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