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Findaa Technology Wins CorporateHealth International

Advanced asset tracking is improving remote patient care by enabling providers to safely and securely provide patients with medical technology in their homes.

LONDON, December 10th, 2021 – CorporateHealth International is a highly innovative provider of advanced endoscopy solutions for patients. They provide video capsule investigations in the form of a capsule that can be swallowed by the patient. This enables patients to undergo procedures to check for bowel diseases and other things, without the need for uncomfortable and sometimes unpleasant investigative procedures.


The CorporateHealth technology to enable this requires remote video equipment and smart capsules, including video recording technology. A remote doctor can then investigate via a screen, what is being seen by the smart capsule. As you can imagine, this is advanced and expensive technology that needs to be provided in a safe and secure way, so that equipment is not lost or destroyed.


CorporateHealth therefore turned to Findaa Technology ( who has an advanced IoT (Internet of Things) based asset tracking and monitoring solution. Findaa provides a fully automated system and data platform that involves tagging expensive items, and then tracking them automatically in real time, both indoors and outside. The data is then used to make sure the equipment is where it is meant to be, for example at the patient’s home, in transit, or in the warehouse.


Simon Rowell, Co-Founder of Findaa said, “We knew there was a problem in tracking and monitoring expensive medical equipment used outside of hospitals. Equipment can sometimes go missing so it is imperative it is tracked and monitored. Future healthcare will be increasingly remote based, something accelerated by the pandemic, so being able to do this securely is important.”


Findaa can track anything from equipment, patient samples, pharmaceuticals, right through to people, if required. The data system can see automatically when things are moved or are in use, and where and what time. It can also assess if something is damaged, been knocked over, or somewhere where it shouldn’t be. This provides assurance to medical device owners.


Dr Hagen Wenzek, Managing Director at CorporateHealth International said, ‘We are looking forward to exploring how your technology can enhance our solution’. The Findaa solution required placing tags on the endoscopy equipment used in patients’ homes. All the data is then sent to the Findaa platform highlighting where the equipment is at that moment in time.


The COVID pandemic has led to growth in remote healthcare, therefore this type of service provided by CorpHealth International will only increase in the coming years. Findaa is well placed to help those providers track an monitor expensive medical equipment being used in the community.

For more information, please email Simon Rowell at


Findaa Technology Ltd – The Shipping Building, 252 Blyth Road, Hayes UB3 1HA, United Kingdom


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