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Make healthcare more efficient with a better return on investment

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At Findaa we serve a number of healthcare areas including hospitals, remote patient care, community nursing, and emergency care. For hospitals the challenge is in finding and monitoring medical devices and equipment across large estates, in a time-controlled manner. When medical equipment is required quickly you do not want front-line staff such as doctors and nurses, spending a large amount of time trying to equipment.

Furthermore the COVID pandemic has highlighted the difficulty of keeping people away from hospitals as much as possible, whilst still being able to administer patient care. As such we are seeing the growth of remote patient care in the community whereby patients are treated as much as possible within their homes.  This means more and more equipment is also being spread throughout the community.

Historically the tracking technologies used in healthcare has included barcodes and sometimes RFID, however the data produced by these methods is historical and can also be highly inaccurate. This is because the moment you log a location the equipment is then moved a few minutes later and therefore untraceable. They also involve highly intensive manual processes.

Our solution uses the latest AI and IoT technology to automate tracking processes in real-time improving accuracy dramatically. Our platform can reduce the time it takes front-line staff to find medical equipment which means more time for patient care. In addition it can also lead to significant cost savings for hospitals as they reduce wastage from over-ordering and losing equipment. 

Furthermore, we are able to monitor the condition of equipment so that if it is dropped or bumped a warning is sent to say that there could be possible damage. We can also monitor for temperature and humidity, alongside other factors such as oxygen, light and sound if required. To find out how Findaa can help your healthcare organisation please get in contact.

Nurses spend on average 10% of their shift time trying to find equipment, directly impacting patient care, according to the Nursing Times

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Findaa tracks and monitors hospital equipment so that it can be found quickly and efficiently when needed.

Our platform also gives you 100% transparency of the condition and location of medical devices and thus reducing risk.

Remote Patient & Community Care

Remote patient care is growing dramatically as more and more people are being treated outside of hospital.

However it also means there is more expensive equipment going missing or being lost for various reasons. Findaa can mitigate these problems.

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