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Manufactured assets can include things such as electronics, business equipment, industrial equipment, consumer goods, luxury goods and raw materials. They are assets where things need to be located and monitored regularly to provide optimum efficiency and a better return on investment. Inefficiencies can have a direct impact on productivity and profitability.

Furthermore Findaa is able to offer certain asset owners the ability to create additional revenue streams by offering after-sales care packages. For example manufacturers can now sell support packages for their equipment because they can be monitored remotely and highlight problems before they occur. Customers will pay to have peace of mind of knowing their equipment is being monitored remotely. 

Findaa can therefore support asset owners, such as manufacturers and suppliers, in a number of ways from increasing efficiency and productivity, to enabling additional revenue streams. Contact us for more information.

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Enhanced Inventory Management and Control

By knowing where things are quickly in the production line and warehouse, manufacturing and logistics processes can be optimised and productivity improved.

Decreasing Risk

Missing assets due to loss, theft, or spoilage, can be expensive and dangerous. 


Findaa helps you to track and monitor your assets in storage and in transit, in real-time.

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Reduce Recall Rates

Product recalls are the way in which a company’s brand and bottom-line can be quickly and devastatingly damaged.

Manufacturers can reduce recall rates with the user behaviour data in our platform. This data can then be used to make quick improvements.

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