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Helping Insurance Companies Reduce Risks and Attract More Customers

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Property & Casualty (P&C) insurance is a $1.6 Trillion global industry. It insures both domestic and commercial, property assets and areas such as accident liability at work. Insurance payouts from insurance firms can be anything in the order of 6-10% per annum. 

Findaa helps P&C insurers manage their insured risks better by enabling them to create products that use our data and technology. We can track and monitor insured physical assets so that there is less chance of theft or loss. It is the same way telematics is used in car insurance, or health apps are used by health insurers.

Findaa also supports insurance companies to help them create new and innovative insurance products with tailored premiums. This in turn helps attract new customers who can benefit from lower more competitive premiums. If you're an insurer then speak to us about how we can your business.

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Insurance Innovation

We help P&C insurers innovate and creating leading and competitive insurance products using our data and technology products.

Decreasing Risk

Missing assets due to loss, theft, or spoilage, can be expensive and dangerous. 


Findaa helps insurance clients track and monitor their assets anywhere, anytime, reducing insured risk payouts.

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Tailored Premiums

Insurance is a competitive business and creating innovative products that help to attract customers is key to success.

Findaa enables insurers to build competitive and tailored insurance products that are bespoke to each customers level of risk.

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