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Connecting Dots

Enable transparency and automation in your
supply chains with Findaa 

Automatic Real-time Data

At a basic level Findaa creates a Digital Twins to get real-time information and data on physical assets anytime, anywhere. Users can manage data in the dashboard remotely or via an API.

Data Cloud
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Data Analysis

To highlight efficiency improvements, cost savings, and better sustainability, reports and alarms can be generated automatically based on real-time data, including efficiency reports, utility reports,  risk reports, stock reports, geofencing alarms, stock alarms, etc.

Supply Chain Automation

We help automate supply chin payment processes, and increase efficiency. This is a hugely powerful combination of  technologies to make life easier. Any organisation that chooses to implement this will quickly see the benefits.


IoT Security Certificated Products
Issued by IASME Consortium - 2022

The Findaa Data Platform

A data platform to manage all assets and risks in one place

Our data platform is where you can analyse all your asset location and condition data in one place. From here you can perform data analytics such as highlighting efficiency or risk areas. You will be able to highlight areas where improvements can be made to streamline processes which can have a direct impact on costs and organisation sustainability. If you prefer not to use the platform you can use our API to take data directly into your own internal systems.

Data Sources

Findaa can use a variety of data sources including our own patented IoT solution, RFID, QR codes, or barcodes depending on requirements. Each technology solution provides a balance between capability and cost. The most important thing is that we can work with your existing solution to gain value.

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Find out how to make your workflow SMARTER and reduce risk

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