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When transporting goods around the world they are likely to encounter various conditions from first mile to last mile. This might include manufacturing plants, warehouses, trucks, ships, planes, to customer locations. OutTag is the solution we deploy in these environments.

Each part of this journey requires location and condition monitoring so that supply chains can be lit up and digitised. This data can prove invaluable in creating efficiencies and improving productivity.


Tracking and monitoring goods and assets inside a building is much more complicated then outside. Buildings have different floor plans, wall thickness, floors, and building materials, each of which can create complications.

Our InTag product is built to solve this problem and can be used in complicated environments such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, and hospitals.

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When added accuracy is required we have BluMapper beacon technology that can be placed remotely, in transportation, or in buildings. This will link to the Findaa tags before transferring data to our secure cloud.

BluMapper enables clients to gain maximum certainty of an items exact location without any physical intervention.

Data Platform

The Findaa data platform is the dashboard or control tower where all location and condition data is sent. Whether you are tracking cargo at sea or a ventilator in a hospital, the platform will enable this data to light up in visually friendly way in order to make the right decisions.

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Logistics Tracking

When you need to know where your items are quickly our outdoor locationing screen pinpoint the area. You can quickly see in real time where delays are occurring and switch to alternative routes if required. In addition you will see the condition of assets if required. 

Data Analytics

Findaa is a data business that uses advanced IoT technology to provide data inputs. Ultimately our clients want to see supply chain and logistics data in action and be able to to model this to create efficiencies. Our data analytics platform will enable you to model this and create cost savings.

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Advanced Security

Data security is at the heart of what we do and therefore we have partnered with AWS to build a military grade system to sustain attacks. Furthermore if you wish to not use our platform we can send data directly to your own internal ERP systems via our API.

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