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Supply Chains


Global supply chains are complex and critical to both businesses and countries alike. When these breakdown or become too inefficient they can slow both production and distribution channels, which can directly impact your bottom line. Key to supply chain efficiency is asset tracking and asset monitoring so that things are where they are meant to be at the right time.

Currently most checks within supply chains are managed by manual processes including checklists, barcodes, or limited RFID. These processes are highly time consuming, costly, and limited in that they just record historical location and condition data. One incorrect data point reading can shut down a whole production line or distribution channel costing companies millions.

Findaa does away with old asset tracking and monitoring processes by using the latest IoT and AI technology to track and monitor assets. We do this by simply tagging assets which then send continuous data to our cloud servers which can then be viewed via our platform, or in your own internal systems. Location and condition data is automated in realtime, whether inside or outside and therefore continuously up to date. This dramatically increases efficiencies and reduces costs.

Finally via our platform, we are able to produce asset efficiency and risk reports so that both staff and management can produce accurate asset management and risk models. Contact us for more information.

Improved Asset Data

Understand the location and condition of your assets quickly and efficiently

Improved Productivity & Efficiency 

Know where and when problems might arise and take action to mitigate issues quickly. This means much better efficiency.


Automated Reporting 

Produce regular reports so that businesses and organisations can model asset risk and efficiency. 

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